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Management before Trust inception

The formation of Shri Naina Devi Temple Trust was done on 17.12.1985 under Hindu Public Act-1984. Before this, the temple was operated by a committee formed by the local priests and partners.

Following services were provided by the committee:

1.  Motel/Dharamshala Service
No facility for staying of visitors or devotees done by the committee.

2. Toilets and Bathrooms arrangement
No arrangement for toilets and bathrooms has been done by the Temple Committee.

3. Electricity Arrangement
The committee made electricity arrangements only in the Temple complex and langar kitchen.

4. Water arrangement
Water supply arrangement was done only for the Temple complex and Langar kitchen.

5. Treatment facilities
No such facility was provided by the committee to the devotees and the Temple visitors.

6. Road construction
No roads were constructed by the committee.

7. Langar arrangement
The Temple committee conducted langar in the complex but the sitting facilities were not sufficient. Too much work was taken from the appointed staff.

8. Other arrangements
No facility was provided by the committee to the devotees and visitors.

9. Staff

Following staff was appointed by the committee:

  • In Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya run by Committee- 5
  • Shri Shakti High School- 5
  • Temple complex management- 21
  • Conduct of langar- 18
  • Total- 49

10. Obeisance and worship
Duly obeisance was paid and worship was done by the committee by performing Aarti 5-times a day. The room where Bhog Prasad was made was very small.