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Important Places at Temple site

Shri Naina Devi Ji Temple

The temple is created from marble and looks simply magnificent. The doors of first door are overlaid by silver on which beautiful figures of deities have been carved out. The door of main temple is also overlaid by silver and has pictures of Lord Sun and other Gods on it. The main temple has three stone statues. First one is the main figure of Shri Naina Bhagwati in the form of a Pindi having two beautiful prominent eyes. Second figure on the right side also has two eyes and is believed to be established by Paandavs in Dwaapar Yug. There is a figure of Lord Ganesh on the left side. Two statues of lions are present at the main entrance of the temple.


The cave of Shri Naina Devi Ji is 70 feet long and located near the main shrine. Earlier, people used to trek the steep path of 1.25 KMS to reach the temple but the facility of cable car has now facilitated the journey.


It is established by a company from Kolkata and also known as “Rajju Marg”. One can take cable cars from this place to reach bhavan.  There are approximately 20 cable cars here with approximate fare of Rs. 35 for one side.

Kripali Kund

When Devi defeated the demon Mahishasur, she took out both his eyes and threw them on the back side of Naina Devi hills. Both eyes fell on different places where two wells originated later. Both these wells are at a distance of 2 K.M. downside from the temple. One of these is called “Bam ki Bawri” or ‘Jheera ki Bawri” and other is “Bhubhak Bawri”.  Another legend about Kripali kund is that it was created by Lord Brahma on the site where skull of Mahishasur fell. It is also called Brahm Kripali Kund.

Khappar Mahishasur

It is a scared place located near the bhavan, where devotees take bath before going to darshan.

Kala Johar

This place is also called “Chikshu Kund”. The skull of Chikshur, main commander of Mahishasur fell at this site. This is a holy place where people take bath to get rid of skin problems, especially children. According to folklore, married ladies are blessed with children after taking bath in its water that otherwise have problems in having kids.

Kolan wala Toba

This place is popular for blooming lotuses and is the first halt in the journey of Shri Naina Devi Ji. There is a sacred pool of water here in which people take bath before going to darshan. Temple trust has invested Rs. 1.25 Crore for the development of this area.